Talk@UP: “The future of digital workplace: Growth lead in Vietnam & Asia Pacific”

Talk@UP: “The future of digital workplace: Growth lead in Vietnam & Asia Pacific”

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Ngày: 14/09/2017
Giờ: 18:00 - 20:00

Địa điểm: UP Bach Khoa HCM

TALK@UP: “The future of digital workplace: Growth lead in Vietnam & Asia Pacific
Shared by: Nakul Patel – Growth Lead, Workplace by Facebook
The world is on disruptive technology rollercoaster, influencing the process & progress of our work. The concept of Digital workflow is all about “staying connected”.
Over the past few years, the world witnesses the rise of Skype & Slack for business chat, Dropbox & Google Drive for information and data sharing, Gmail & Microsoft outlook for business email. Disruptive technology is changing the way we work, communicate and deliver results.
The latest tech innovation in Workplace is introduced by Facebook. Nakul Patel, Growth Lead, Workplace by Facebook, comments, “Today’s workplaces are complex. People spend most of their daily lives working & companies need better ways to work together and get things done. We want to make companies more open and connected with Workplace.”
1. The transformation to digital workplace
2. Facebook’s response and involvement in those changes with the introduction of Workplace by Facebook.
3. Panel discussion with Thu Nguyen, Co-founder Christina’s
– How companies and business owners embrace those changes and transform to digital workplace? What did they use for internal and external communications?
– Pros & cons of current and available tools? What are companies looking for or expect technology to improve their digital workplace?
– Digital workplace means more transparent workflow and measuring performance. How do companies and employees response to that?
– The future of digital workplace in Vietnam & Asia Pacific: coming trends and potential collaborations.
Join our Talk@UP event with global & local expert and find your answers to improve productivity, employee satisfaction and workplace growth lead!
Time: UP Bach Khoa HCM – No.268 Ly Thuong Kiet Str., District 10, Ho Chi Minh City
Location: 6PM – 8PM – 14/9/2017
Language: English
6.00 – 6.30pm: Check-in
6.30 – 6.50pm: Introduction about Nakul Patel and Facebook Workplace
6.50 – 7.30pm: Panel discussion with Thu Nguyen, Co-founder Christina’s about the use of Facebook Workplace and the potential development of internal communication tools in the future
7.30 – 8.00pm: Networking
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