You have questions about UP Co-working Space? We are here to address your concerns.

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Work in a modern, well-equipped and professional environment.
– Modern meeting room 24/7
– Free use: 86 inch Led-screen TV, 3D Projector, Apple TV
– Free tea and coffee
– Free parking
– Connect and widen network with freelancers, developers, designers and startups coming from a variety of areas at UP
– Free entrance to all events held by UP
– Business Registration and Consultation Support
– Learn and connect with high-profile speakers, thought leaders, industry experts in events at UP
– Get advice on business regulations, design, etc from credible parnters of UP
– Gain chance to expose, pitch to investor network

And enjoy several benefits wit UP Membership:
– Free play at Dóo (Level 6, 7 at HNCC building)
– Voucher from Edoctor and Uber
– 15% discount when register at Swequity Gym (Level 10 at HNCC Building)
– 10% discount at Boo cafe (Level 1 at HNCC Building)
– 15% discount at Kohsamui (183 Giang Vo, 34A Quang Trung)
– 10% discount at Cong cafe (15 Truc Bach, 101B1 Tran Huy Lieu, 101 Van Phuc, Cong Ma May)
–10% discount for charity trip at VEO (

If you are a member of UP, you can get in by membership card. If you are a visitor, you can ring the bell and register at reception desk.

Up opens 24/7. If you want to work through the night, you need to register at receptionist no later than 8:00PM

UP is providing 2 main membership packages: Flexible Membership and Full-time Membership with many priorities for long-term membership. Moreover, UP also have virtual office package and meeting room booking.

You only need to pay 1,300,000VND and your Full-time membership will be activated from the day you pay and activate your Flexible membership.

You can go to receptionist to register and make payment or sent your request to our email: and we will get back to you.

Yes, you are free to use meeting room when being UP member, except advanced booking hours.

Yes, if you are Full-time member, you can invite maximum of 04 guests at once. The meetings should not exceed 02 hours and not consecutive. If you are Flexible member, you can invite maximum of 02 guests at once. The meetings should not exceed 01 hour and not consecutive.

Có, UP trang bị 02 phòng điện thoại tuyệt đối yên tĩnh và riêng tư cho các cuộc gọi điện thoại hoặc họp nhóm qua Skype.UP is equipped with 02 private phone booths for Skype meetings

Yes, UP members can store their belongings according to their membership types.

Yes, mail service belongs to virtual office package of UP

Yes, you can have a fixed phone number when register virtual office package at UP

UP’s design is inspired by working space of well-known firms such as Facebook or Google, carrying an open, modern, vibrant and friendly environment.

The Internet at UP is very fast, catering for high working demands of all UP members.

Yes, there are plenty of private and quiet corners such as green space with trees and great views for those who needs concentration.


UP frequently hosts networking and monthly programs to bring UP member closer to each other.

All UP members receive invitation ticket and be kept in touch with updated information about events and programs at UP through Email and Facebook.


UP supports member’s professional growth through mentorship and connection with partners, investors of UP’s network.

Yes, every events hosted by UP includes a networking part for members to build relationship with each other and with guest speakers to get inspired, learn technical knowledge and widen their networks.